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Yu-Lun Chiang

Hi, I’m a Software Engineer which aims to utilize state-of-the-art techniques of natural language processing to build up scenario-based financial services at Data Intelligence R&D Division, CTBC Bank, Co., Ltd. My research interest covers deep learning technique for natural language processing. Occasionally, I will share some notes and articles related to AI papers, software, and algorithms. Thanks for reading and take the time to leave a comment.

I’ve graduated from Dept. Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering at National Taiwan University. I was a research assistant for natural language processing in Natural Language Understanding Lab supervised by Keh-Yih Su in Institute of Information Science, Sinica, before serving as a soldier. I planned to study a PhD program abroad; however, I changed my original mind during Covid19 was raging the world and I kept thinking my own future. Two months after the end of the military service, I then decided to work and try my abilities. At this time, I still did not give up the idea of going abroad to study PhD. Instead, I actively prepare for English exams and submit papers to top international conference to test my ability and energy for independent research. Eventually, after I got rejected of my submission, I found that I didn’t take it for pleasure, and I couldn’t imagine myself devoting all my energy and time to research in the future. The opportunity cost was so great that I couldn’t dream of it. At the same time, I also found that I like to research at my own pace. Therefore, I decided to become one of the few developmental researchers in the workplace to explore my sense of accomplishment.

I’m still looking forward to new job oppotunities. Here is my resume. If you’re interested in me, please send letter to chiangyulun0914@gmail.com and I’ll respond as soon as possible.


Hi, 我是一位軟體工程師,目前任職於中國信託商業銀行 數據暨科技研發處,嘗試以自然語言處理技術建立金融場景服務。我的研究興趣涵蓋應用於自然語言處理的深度學習技術,偶爾分享與論文、軟體、刷題相關的小品文章。感謝閱讀,並花時間留下評論。


同時,我也持續尋找新的工作機會,這裡放上我的履歷,若對我有興趣的話,請寄信至 chiangyulun0914@gmail.com,我會儘速回應。